How to Communicate with an eBay Seller - dummies

How to Communicate with an eBay Seller

By Marsha Collier

Top-notch eBay sellers know that communication is the absolute key to a successful transaction, and they do everything they can to set a positive tone for the entire process with speedy and courteous e-mails (or, at the very least, polite invoices when needed).

After the transaction is over and it’s time to leave feedback, communication is one of the points on which you’re asked to rate the seller. Top-rated eBay sellers depend on high (5-star) ratings to maintain their reputation on the site. Things to consider when judging a seller’s communication include (a) how accurate the seller’s description was of the item and (b) how quickly you receive confirmation of your purchase.

Contact you may receive from a professional eBay seller might include the following information:

  • The link for paying with PayPal or a secure website for credit card processing

  • A review of the shipping options, if applicable

  • Contact information

  • The date the item will be shipped and when you should expect delivery

  • The tracking number so you can follow your item’s progress through the mail

You should pay immediately upon receipt of the invoice. If you have a question before paying, contact the seller immediately — he or she will be expecting your payment.

If you see significant differences between the e-mail you receive from the seller after the sale and what’s on the item page, address those differences immediately with the seller before you proceed with the transaction.