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How to Choose Your eBay Communication Preferences

By Marsha Collier

eBay allows you to set a multitude of preferences for your eBay account. One of the links leads to the Communication Preferences page. The Preferences settings are all important to your eBay tasks. You have to decide which activities you want activated for your eBay account (you can always change these later). The most convenient thing is to select all the options that make sense to you.

You can set many Notification preferences:

  • Notification Delivery: This is where you let eBay know which method of notification works best for you. You can also indicate whether you want HTML or text-based e-mails.

  • Buying Notifications: Be careful here. If you indicate that you want all this e-mail and you plan to be active on the site, prepare to be deluged. Select wisely! But remember, you can always make changes. You can get real-time notifications on your shopping for the following:

    • Watched Item (also daily, weekly, or monthly) e-mail

    • Watched Items that were relisted by the seller

    • Confirmations for your bids

    • E-mails when you’re outbid in an auction

    • Winning Buyer e-mails

    • Losing Bidder e-mails

    As you can see, this is way too many e-mails, especially if you do a lot of buying and selling. For sanity’s sake, narrow your selections to the minimum.

  • Selling Notifications: If you’re selling on the site, most of these notifications will be useful. You can indicate you want to receive the following e-mails (among others):

    • Notification that you’ve saved a draft on the Sell an Item form

    • E-mail confirmation each time you list an item for sale

    • Yay! The end-of-listing e-mail when your item has sold

    • Boo. The e-mail you get when your item doesn’t sell

    • Notification when your buyer performs Checkout

    These are all important, especially when you’re a new seller. When you become more active as a seller, you might want to whittle these down a bit — but not too much! Information is power.

  • Other Transactions and Notices: Again, up to you. These can be overwhelming. eBay gives you the option to receive e-mails in the following areas:

    • Member-to-member communications

    • Receive Second Chance offers

    • Reminders to leave feedback

    • Account preference changes

Without enumerating everything else, you can also opt into (or opt out of) eBay surveys, promotions, telephone updates, and direct USPS mail from eBay.

Next on the Preferences hit parade are your actual site preferences — how you’d like to conduct business on the site. These are settings for the more-advanced seller. You can make most of these decisions on the Sell an Item page. If you have time, though, click through each of the individual links to show the options and be sure that the default settings work for you.

When you finally get your My eBay page set up the way you like it, save yourself a lot of work and time by using your browser to bookmark your My eBay page as a favorite. Doing so saves you a lot of keystrokes later.

If you want to send a shortcut to your desktop, in Internet Explorer choose File→Send→Shortcut to Desktop. This way, you can open your browser directly onto your My eBay page. Some eBay members make their My eBay pages into their browser home pages so that their My eBay pages appear the minute they log on. That’s true dedication.