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How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website for Selling eBay Merchandise

By Marsha Collier

What to name the baby, er, website? It’s almost as much of a dilemma as deciding on your eBay user ID or eBay store name. If you don’t have an existing company name that you want to use, why not use the same name as your eBay store? Register and lock it up now so that you can keep your brand forever.

Name your site with a word that identifies what you do, what you sell, or who you are. And be sure you like it — because once it’s yours and you begin operating under it and establishing a reputation, it’ll be with you 20 years from now when you’re still selling online.

A few websites offer wizards to help you decide your domain name. Here’s one to get you started:

In a small, web-based form, you input your primary business type and keywords that describe your business. The wizard then displays a large number of options and also lets you know whether the options are available. Very convenient.

Before you attempt to register a name, you should check to be sure it isn’t anyone else’s trademark. To search an updated list of registered United States trademarks, use the electronic trademark search system.

After a search, you may want to trademark your site name. Go to Legalzoom, an online service that can help you with that. It offers online trademark applications and also refers you to an attorney if you’d like to use one; just go to the site for further information.

Suppose you’ve come up with a brilliant name for your site and your business gets really big and famous. Then someone else uses your website’s name but registers it as a .net — while yours is a .com. To avoid this situation, make sure you register both domains (.com and .net) and park them with your registrar. That way any permutations of your domain will point to your active website.