How to Check Your eBay Account Information - dummies

How to Check Your eBay Account Information

By Marsha Collier

Your My eBay page has three or four tabs: Activity, Messages, Account, and Applications (if you have been active on the site for a while). They’re on the top of the page below the My eBay heading. If you mouse over the Account tab, you see a drop-down menu.

Clicking Account brings you to a Summary page that has snippets of each topic in the My Account section. It’s convenient to use the drop-down menu options so you can immediately access the place you want to explore.


The Account drop-down menu has options to take you to two very important areas of My eBay: Personal Information and Addresses. This is where you update your contact information. Initially, all this data comes from your registration. But it’s policy on eBay that every user files his or her current contact information — so if you move or change phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or banks, you need to input that information here.

It’s also where you can change your User ID (if you ever decide that Charlie18907 doesn’t properly reflect your personality). Also, your instant-messenger name can be inserted here so you can get IM alerts (at Yahoo! Messenger or AOL service). When you use the eBay Mobile app, notifications will be sent directly to your smartphone. You can also change your password and all your other registered information in this area.

On eBay you can change your User ID at any time (every 30 days), and your feedback rating will follow.