How to Check Out on eBay - dummies

By Marsha Collier

When you buy something in a store, you have to check out as a part of paying. eBay isn’t much different. eBay’s checkout is a convenient way to pay for your completed auction or purchase with a credit card or eCheck through PayPal. You may also use checkout to pay for your item using another payment service that the seller accepts.

Checkout is integrated directly onto the item page so that you can win and pay for an item in less than a minute.


When you click the Pay Now button, you’re taken to the checkout page, where you can make an immediate payment through PayPal. To check out and pay, first take care of some important details on the Confirm Order page:

  • Ship To address. This will be your registered eBay address. If you want the item to be shipped elsewhere, click the Change Shipping Address link.

  • Add Message to Seller. If you want to send the seller a message regarding your purchase, click here; a text box appears, and that’s where you type in your message.

  • Item title. Be sure what you’re paying for is what you purchased!

  • Shipping options. If the seller offers several shipping options, be sure you select the one that will get the item to you when you need it. eBay lists estimated delivery dates under each option; these are based on the seller’s shipping policies.

  • PayPal payment method. You can choose any of the payment methods you have registered with PayPal. Before you click the Confirm and Pay button, be sure to select the appropriate credit card or bank account from the drop-down list that appears when you click the Change link.


When people are asked why they don’t buy on eBay, the most frequent answer is that they’re afraid of giving out their credit card information. The second most common reason is that they don’t want to send money to strangers. You may be surprised to know that there are distinct levels of safety in how you can send a payment to a seller.