How to Build an eBay Listing Description with Cool eBay Tools

By Marsha Collier

eBay comes up with options to fill the needs (or wants) of users. Some sellers enjoy putting colorful graphics around their descriptions. Listing Designer will include pretty graphics and help you design your description, placing pictures in different places on the page.

But if you have a good description (creatively done with HTML color and emphasis) plus a good picture, your item will draw bids just the same as if you spent $.10extra (per listing) for the Listing Designer option.

Consider using a “Cool Free Ad Tool” that allows you to give your description some structure (and will insert a web-hosted photo where you might want to add some text). Thousands of readers are using it every day; maybe you should give it a try too!

If you want your descriptions surrounded by graphics, just make sure that the graphics within your description aren’t too large. Otherwise the pages load too slowly over some connections.

Using a graphics template to brand your listings on eBay, giving them a uniform look is a great idea. If you want to use a template, decide on one and make it your trademark.