How to Ask Questions of eBay Sellers - dummies

How to Ask Questions of eBay Sellers

By Marsha Collier

If anything about an eBay transaction is unclear to you, remember this one word: ask. Find out all the details about that item before you bid. If you wait until you’ve won the item before you ask questions, you may get stuck with something you don’t want. Double-checking may save you woe and hassle later.

If you’re bidding on a reserve-price auction, don’t be afraid to message the seller and ask what the reserve is. Yeah, reserves are mostly kept secret, but there’s no harm in asking — and many sellers will gladly tell you.

To ask a seller a question, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the description to the Questions and answers about this item box and click the Ask a Question link.

    You’re presented with the Find Answers form.

  2. Select a topic from the list that most closely matches your query.

    The seller may have posted common answers to questions. If you haven’t found your answer, click Other and a Continue button will appear.

  3. Click Continue to get an eBay message form. Fill in the topic and the message area; then click Send Message.

    Expect to hear back from the seller within a day. If it takes the seller more than a day to respond (unless it’s over the weekend — eBay sellers often take a little rest), and you get no explanation for the delay, consider buying from someone else.

You can always change your user ID, but your past life (in the form of feedback messages) stays with you on eBay. Along with your feedback from your previous user ID, all your previous user IDs are listed as well in a user ID history search from the eBay Search page.