How to Advertise Your Services as an eBay Trading Assistant - dummies

How to Advertise Your Services as an eBay Trading Assistant

By Marsha Collier

If all the advertising you do is your Grand Opening ad and nothing after, it won’t be long before your eBay Trading Assistant Business will be doing a Going Out of Business Sale. Consider these tips as good business.

Add the Trading Assistant logo to your listings

Your best customers may come from people who see your existing items when browsing eBay. Why not show all viewers that you’re a Trading Assistant by including the Trading Assistant logo in your listings. When prospective customers click the link, they’ll be sent to your Trading Assistant Information page (just as if they searched for you in the directory).


Quite rightfully, eBay has very strict rules about the usage of the Trading Assistants logo. It may be used

  • On each page of your website.

  • In your print advertising or marketing materials for Trading Assistant on eBay services.

  • On your eBay listings.

  • Your About Me page on eBay.

  • On tradeshow booths (only one TA Logo allowed; with sizing restrictions).

  • On business cards, you may use the TA Logo to indicate that you are a Trading Assistant. The TA Logo must be no larger than one-half inch wide, and must appear below your name and / or logo. The following disclaimer must also appear on the front or back of the card, in type no smaller than 8 points: “I am not an employee or agent of eBay, Inc.”

The Trading Assistant Logo may NOT be used

  • On your résumé.

  • In business proposals.

  • On vehicles.

  • On your event banners.

  • On clothing, including company uniforms.

  • On merchandise (such as duffel bags, baseball caps, coffee mugs, and so forth).

Add the Trading Assistant logo when your regular eBay business is slow, and take it out when you’re overly busy. That way, you can control the amount of work you have.

To add the link to your listings, you have to use a little HTML. Don’t panic. It’s easy. You can easily download the code from the Trading Assistant’s secure area, or just use the following code. Add this HTML code at the end of your listing description, replacing marsha_c with your eBay User ID:

<p align="center"><img src="" alt="I am a Trading Assistant on eBay" width="141" height="106" border="0" longdesc="TA Logo" /></a></p>
<p align="center" class="style3"><a href="
marsha_c" target="_blank">I am a Trading Assistant<br>I can sell your stuff on eBay!</a></p>

That’s all. Now the link and button appear in your eBay listings.

Post flyers

Why not design a flyer that you print on your own printer. Put it up at the supermarket, the car wash, the cleaner — anywhere and everywhere flyers are allowed.

Even if you don’t see flyers in a retail location, ask the owner of the business if you can put one up — maybe even offer a discount to the business owner for selling their items on eBay in exchange.

To get to the eBay Trading Assistant logos and Toolkit, you’ll need to sign into your eBay Trading Assistant account.

Then scroll down and click the Trading Assistant Style Guide link to can find the current graphical offerings from eBay.

You might want to make a flyer which includes small tear-off strips where you can place your contact information. When people see your promotion, they can just snip off your phone number (or e-mail address) and contact you when they get home.