Give Your eBay Customers Descriptive Details - dummies

Give Your eBay Customers Descriptive Details

By Marsha Collier, Patti Louise Ruby

New eBay sellers sometimes include too little information in their item descriptions, leaving potential buyers wondering . . . and perhaps, walking away from a purchase. In addition to every significant detail about the item you have for sale, each listing should include exact shipping costs. When viewing your item, the customer should know right up front what the final cost of the item will be, including shipping.

Although offering to provide a shipping quote is admirable, there is an inherent danger in doing so. Many buyers simply move on to another listing where all of the information is provided for them, rather than spend time haggling about shipping and waiting for a response from the seller. Even if some buyers do e-mail for a shipping quote, more often than not they continue to shop in the meantime — which increases the likelihood that they’ll purchase from another seller who specifies the shipping costs.

Be sure to include other important information for your customers, including

  • What payment methods you accept
  • When they can expect their item to be shipped
  • What guarantees you provide
  • Your return policy