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Get Help with eBay’s Chat Rooms and Discussion Boards

By Marsha Collier

eBay wants you to feel comfortable maneuvering their site. As a result, they have put a process in place to get feedback and help from other users. Check out the chat rooms and discussion boards to get help with things other users have faced.

eBay news and information boards

When eBay rolls out new features or makes a policy change, people want to chat and discuss how these changes will affect their business online. eBay opens a new Board to coincide with each new announcement.

Members who post on these boards often share helpful tips. Newbies may find that lurking (reading without posting) on some of these boards helps them find out more about how eBay works. Occasionally, an eBay staffer shows up, which is kinda like inviting Bill Gates to a meeting of new Windows users. eBay staff members are usually hounded with questions.

When a new policy or some sort of big change occurs, these boards are most likely going to fill pretty quickly with discussion about it. On slow days, however, you may need to wade through personal messages and chatting with no connection to eBay.

Many of the people who post on these boards are longtime members with histories (as well as feuds) that can rival any soap opera. On rare occasions, the postings can get abusive. Getting involved in personality clashes or verbal warfare gains you nothing. Duck the crossfire and look for the useful stuff.

No matter how peeved the users of a message board may get — and no matter how foul or raunchy the language — no one on eBay ever sees it. eBay uses a built-in vulgarity checker that deletes any (well, okay, as many as possible) words or phrases that eBay considers offensive or obscene.

The one cardinal rule for eBay chat boards and message boards is: No doing business on the board. No advertising items for sale! Not now. Not ever. eBay bans any repeat offenders who break this rule from participating on these boards.

User-to-user (general) discussion boards

In addition to chat boards, eBay also has discussion boards, in which the topics are deliberately open-ended. Check out these areas and read ongoing discussions about eBay’s latest buzz. It’s a lot of fun and good reading. Post your opinions to the category that suits you. Here are a few:

  • The eBay Town Square: A potpourri of various subjects and topics.

  • The Soapbox: The place to voice your views and suggestions to help build a better eBay.

  • Night Owls Nest: A fun locale for creatures of the night and their unique postings.

  • The Park: An interesting place where community members join in for fun ideas.