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Five Places to Find Merchandise to Sell on eBay

By Marsha Collier

To make a living at your eBay business, you have to keep your store stocked and have plenty of auctions going. Finding merchandise to sell on eBay, whether you have a store or just run auctions, is not difficult if you know where to look:

  • Dollar stores: Dollar stores come in all shapes and sizes. They can be filled with junk or treasure, and it takes a practiced eye to separate the wheat from the chaff. Many an item can be found here that makes for great practice for beginning sellers, and these items often go for ten times what they paid. Try going in with a teenager, and see whether he or she reacts to any of the items for sale. Sometimes only one in five visits works out, but you’ll know when you see the item.

    It’s not unusual for dollar store warehouses to sell directly to a retailer (that’s you!). If you live in California, Nevada, Arizona, or Texas, you can join their Club99 and buy their merchandise in bulk. It will be delivered at no charge to one of their showrooms.

  • Big Lots: Another super selling chain is the Big Lots company, which encompasses the Pic N Save, Mac Frugal’s, Big Lots, and Odd Lots stores. They may have items priced at more than a dollar, but they specialize in closeout merchandise. All their merchandise sells for well under what most discounters charge and at deep discounts to retailers. This is a great place to find toys and household goods. Troll their aisles at least once a month to find items that you can resell on eBay.

    When you get your state’s seller’s permit, you can take advantage of the Big Lots Wholesale website. If you think that Big Lots regular prices are low, you should see their wholesale prices! The minimum order from the website is $500, which will get you a lot of merchandise. Before placing an order, be sure to check and see whether the item is selling on eBay. If many eBay sellers are trying to sell the same item now, why not place an order and sell when the other sellers have exhausted their stock? When fewer sellers are selling, the price usually goes up. Supply and demand is the name of the game.

  • Tuesday Morning: Tuesday Morning has more than 500 stores scattered over the United States. They sell first-quality designer and brand-name closeout merchandise at deep-deep discounts, 50 percent to 80 percent below retail. The key here is that the store sells recognizable brand names, the kind of items that eBay shoppers look for.

    Find your local store at the Tuesday Morning website. If you sign up for its eTreasures newsletter, you’ll get advance notice of when the really good stuff arrives at the store. (Sometimes they have only a dozen of a particular item per store, so you have to be there when the doors open.)

  • Sam’s Club: In addition to shopping for bargains at the Sam’s Club in your neighborhood, you can now visit its wholesale auctions. What a fantastic place to find merchandise to sell on eBay. The closeouts on the auction site can sell at a fraction of the retail price.

  • Costco: Try wheeling a cart around Costco. You never know what you might find: $200 Fendi Baugette Handbags stacked like lunchmeat is just one example.