Finding Your Destination with the eBay Navigation Bar - dummies

Finding Your Destination with the eBay Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is at the top of every eBay page and lists five links that take you directly to different eBay areas. Hovering over some of the links reveals a subnavigation list with links to other, related (and important) places.

Here are the five navigation bar links and where they take you:

The Buy link

The Buy link takes you to the page that lists the top-level eBay categories and provides many buying-related links, links to the home page’s Featured Items, and a Search window, as shown here.


You’ll find top-level categories on the Buy page. When you click to browse a category, you’ll be brought to a category hub page that lists the subcategories of that category. Click your desired subcategory, and you arrive at the subcategory page, where you see three yellow tabs at the top of the listings:

  • All Items is the default setting for the page. This option shows you all items, including auctions and those items that can be purchased immediately using Buy It Now.

  • Click the Auctions tab to see only the items that are up for auction.

  • The Buy It Now tab isolates a view of all items listed with the Buy It Now feature.

    Just browsing a category on eBay.
    Just browsing a category on eBay.

The Sell link

The Sell link takes you to the first stop of the Sell Your Item form that you fill out to start your listings.

The My eBay link

Takes you to your personal My eBay page, where you keep track of your buying and selling activities, account information, and favorite categories. This is often the first stop for eBay sellers, to see how their auctions are going.

The Community link

Takes you to a page where you can find the latest news and announcements, chat with fellow traders in the eBay community, find charity auctions, and discover more about eBay. It also gives you access to your eBay blog.

The Help link

Opens the eBay Help Center overview page (which consists of a search box in which you can type your query) and links for help topics.