Exploring Your My eBay Summary Page - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Until you set your preferences on eBay, you will land on the Summary page when you open the eBay site. When you subscribe to Selling Manager, it will replace the All Selling box.


The Summary page gives you a snapshot of your current eBay business. It provides data about your buying and selling business, and supplies links to the items.

When you are a buyer, this area tells you about

  • Items you’re watching

  • Items you’re bidding on

  • Items you’ve been outbid on (for which you may need to up your bid)

  • Feedback that you need to leave for items you’ve purchased

If you have a Watch list (more on that further on), it will appear front and center on this page, as well as in the Lists category.

When you sell on eBay, the Sell: All Selling area will provide info on

  • Questions about items pending from prospective customers

  • Items you have sold

  • Any items that are in the Returns process

  • Items you’re selling

  • How many items you haven’t sold

You can customize what you’d like to appear on most of the my eBay pages when you click the my eBay link in the navigation bar. Then click the Change link in the right corner next to these words: The my eBay landing page is set to Summary.


Should you subscribe to any of eBay’s paid services such as eBay Stores, there will also be a link to your subscription area. In addition, a link is provided to any important notices from eBay regarding changes in its policies or services.