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Edit your eBay Pictures for Free on LunaPic.com

By Marsha Collier

Most people have moments where they can be lazy. When it comes to editing your images for eBay, you’re probably still looking for a magic wand. Sometimes you may even be too lazy to open a program. So knowing this, you may want to consider using a free online photo-editing website, lunapic.com.

Although you may be used to using a program on your computer, LunaPic works great for quick, on-the-fly editing that you probably need. Any extra time is great considering the success of your eBay business. You can even edit pictures on someone else’s computer because there’s no need to install software. Here’s LunaPic, a website that makes photo editing as easy as getting a burger at the drive through window.

Register on the site, and you have full photo-editing capabilities. Upload photos from your computer (or webcam) to the site, perform your touch-up, and then save and download! LunaPic has a full-featured toolset on the site; in it, you find tools to adjust brightness, contrast, and color, and to sharpen your images and many more.

Give lunapic.com a try before you fork out the money for an expensive picture editing site. You may eventually need that program in the future, but do it for free while you can.