How to Edit Your Fixed Price Listing and Block Bidders - dummies

How to Edit Your Fixed Price Listing and Block Bidders

By Marsha Collier

If something goes awry with your eBay listing, you have several options for addressing the problem. You may need to edit your fixed-price listing or even block a particular bidder.

Editing your Fixed Price listing

You just listed an item for sale and click through to see your masterpiece. What’s this? You misspelled the brand name? Made the price too high (or low)? You do have some options to revise your listing, even if (in case of selling multiple items) you’ve sold a few.

If no purchases have been made on your listing, eBay leaves things wide open. You can click to revise the item and change almost everything, with these exceptions:

  • A fixed-price listing cannot change formats. In other words, you cannot turn it into an auction. You must end the existing listing and relist it as an auction.
  • The duration of a fixed-price listing can’t be changed two hours after listing has been submitted.

Blocking bidders

If you have a bidder who just doesn’t get the message and continually bids on your auctions despite the fact that you’ve messaged and told him or her not to, you can block the bidder from ever participating in your auctions. You can create a list of such bidders to prevent them from bidding temporarily or permanently, and you can edit the list at any time. Click Block Bidders and then create your list. Alternatively, you can go directly to eBay’s Bidder Management page.