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eBay Operational and Miscellaneous Abuses You Should Report

By Marsha Collier

Before you even consider blowing the whistle on someone by reporting him or her to eBay, make sure that what you’re encountering is actually a misuse of eBay. Note that the reporting system is monitored, and abuse by an eBay member may result in a range of unpleasant actions.

Operational abuses

If you see someone trying to interfere with eBay’s operation, eBay staffers want you to tell them about it. Here are two roguish operational abuses:

  • Hacking: A user purposely interferes with eBay’s computer operations (for example, by breaking into unauthorized files). If someone attempts to alter any of the eBay-generated information in a listing, such as a feedback rating or User ID, that person is violating important eBay rules.

  • Spamming: The user sends unsolicited e-mail to eBay users. Just because you are in a transaction with someone doesn’t give you the right to e-mail the person after the auction is over to solicit future business. You’re not allowed to send a newsletter or solicitations unless your recipients have expressly opted in to your list. No one has the right to send you e-mail unrelated to your transaction without your permission.

Miscellaneous abuses

The following are additional problems that you should alert eBay about:

  • A user is threatening physical harm to another eBay member.

  • A person uses racist, obscene, or harassing language in a public area of eBay.