eBay Management and Listing Services - dummies

eBay Management and Listing Services

By Marsha Collier

You’re comfortable transacting your eBay auctions online, so why not manage them online as well … with an extra level of privacy? The sites you find here offer useful services that save time in both posting your items and wrapping them up.


If you’re new on eBay and you’d like to try a third-party automation to get you started, Auctiva is your entry-level choice. Auctiva has been serving eBay sellers since 1999.

Auctiva offers online item-listing tools and image hosting for eBay sellers. The easy-to-use site guides you through the process: creating listings, posting them on eBay, communicating with buyers, inventory management, organizing shipments, keeping records of sales, marketing your listings, and much more.

Auctiva’s website is simple and straightforward, and they offer free 30-day trial.

Here are some of the site’s features:

  • A one-page listing tool: You can create your professional-looking listings with a complete one-page listing tool — and if you like variety, you can choose from hundreds of template options.
  • Image hosting: Auctiva enables you to upload hundreds of images at a time, and you can keep your account organized by managing your images within Auctiva’s online folder structure.
  • Auctiva Scrolling Gallery: You may have noticed that at the bottom of many listings you see on eBay, there is a Scrolling Gallery showing other items for sale by the seller. This is an excellent tool for selling even more merchandise.
  • Profiles: After you generate your listing profile information, your regularly used information is set to appear automatically in all your listings by default.

The Auctiva tools start for as little as $2.95 a month, which includes 500MB for hosting your eBay images. For these features and more, visit Auctiva.


inkFrog is a web-based service helping eBay sellers since 1999. In 2006, inkFrog bought out another respected service, SpareDollar. In its present form, inkFrog represents a super bargain in a web-based management SaaS (software as a service).

inkFrog’s super sauce is its Template Builder.

You can manage every aspect of your eBay sales, including image hosting, ad design, automated email management, and report tracking. If you want to get fancy, you can design your item listing from any of its templates. Here are some more features:

  • Image hosting: inkFrog hosts your images and has a handy uploader that allows you to insert your images with a click of your mouse.
  • Template Builder: Create your templates, using a simple form. Use one of their prebuilt themes and edit with their handy WYSIWYG editor.

For more information, and even more features, visit inkFrog.


If you’re selling clothing on eBay, there’s one platform you really need to know about and use. Sizely is a free e-commerce tool for online sellers, which simplifies the process of illustrating your sizing information.

As you may know by now, clothing from different brands does not follow exact, consistent sizing — which makes online clothing purchases difficult for buyers who don’t fit into the standard sizes. When you’re selling used (gently used) clothing, often you’ll find that sizes may vary due to wear or cleaning methods.

This platform was developed by an eBay seller who mostly sold clothing, to solve a problem of his own: how to implement garment measurements and give buyers a better understanding of how the garment would fit.

According to the folks at Sizely, including measurements in your listing description increases sales by 26 percent and decreases returns by 50 percent. So rather than merely listing measurements in a bulleted list, you can include a graphic to help potential buyers picture the fit more clearly.

The website is intuitive.

Select the type of clothing you plan to list from the suggested items. Each type of clothing will give you a skeletal outline of the item and show you where to measure it.

  • On the image of the item you are selling, measure point to point at the indicated places.
  • Enter the size information in inches (or centimeters) in the spaces provided.
  • Click Generate Image and Sizely will give you three alternatives to illustrate the sizing of your item.

You can use an HTML link to your illustrative graphic with the sizes embedded, copy and paste that code into eBay’s HTML description area, or use the option to save the image to embed the link on your website or in the eBay Gallery.

After you type in measurements, Sizely gives you options.