eBay Feedback Do's and Don'ts - dummies

eBay Feedback Do’s and Don’ts

By Marsha Collier

Part of eBay For Dummies Cheat Sheet

eBay’s members regulate the marketplace through the use of feedback. Leaving feedback on a seller helps future buyers to know who they plan to buy from. Here is a list of things you should and shouldn’t do with feedback:

  • Before you consider purchasing an item on eBay, do check the seller’s feedback rating by clicking the number that appears next to the seller’s user ID.

  • Even if you see a large amount of positive feedback, do check to be sure that the seller doesn’t also have a growing number of negative feedback responses — especially recently. In the eyes of other eBay members, you’re only as good as your last few transactions.

  • Do take a breather before you leave negative feedback for another eBay member; you’re dealing with someone’s online reputation.

  • If someone gives you positive feedback, do reciprocate by giving him or her positive feedback, too.

  • If you receive negative feedback and feel your side of the transaction is worth telling, do be sure to give your reply in a neutral tone. You may also add a line responding to feedback you’ve received, to explain the situation to those who read the comment.