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Designing Your eBay Listing with Turbo Lister

By Marsha Collier

When it comes to designing your eBay listing, you have several options. If you predesign your description in an HTML tool, you merely need to copy and paste the coding into the description box. Also, Turbo Lister makes designing your item listing a snap — with a few easy-to-use features in its Listing Designer tool, found in the Description Builder.

  • WYSIWYG HTML design form: In the Create New Item form, this feature is somewhat hidden. If you click the Description Builder button, a window pops up to reveal the HTML design form. You can base your item description on this easy-to-use design tool. In the Design View tab, the tool gives you a toolbar similar to the text formatting toolbar in Microsoft Word, so the buttons are probably familiar.


  • Templates and themes: Some eBay listings have nice graphics in the borders. These come from eBay’s easy-to-use theme templates, which are listed on the left side of the Design View tab. You may select any of these colorful templates to enhance your listing. Themes make the listing look pretty, but they may draw attention away from the selling strength of your pictures.

    Remember that your good description and a quality photo will sell your item. Also keep in mind that eBay charges an additional $.10 to use these themes in your listing. You don’t have to use any of the themes; just be sure not to select the box next to Use Designer.

  • Layout: These options are available only if you are going to pay for using Listing Designer. You may select from Standard, Photos Left, Photos Right, One Photo Top, Photos Bottom, or Slide Show.

    When you use eBay Picture Services, the first 12 pictures are free. If you have photos where you have embedded descriptive text, they must be in the item description — and be hosted online.

    eBay has included a photo-icon tool that allows you to include your own images hosted on the web. Click the link on the left to Change Photo hosting and select web. A photo icon will appear, and you can type in the URL of your picture.


There’s also a command in the edit bar to insert a hyperlink into your description so you can have the prospective buyer e-mail you.


  • HTML view: If you have a smattering of HTML knowledge, you may want to edit your listing design in HTML view. You can also insert your hosted images by entering supplementary coding into the HTML view. Also, if you have your own predesigned template, you can copy and paste the HTML for the template into the HTML view box.

At any time during the design process, click the Preview tab to see what your listing looks like in an Internet browser.

At the end of the Create New Item form is a Save as Template button. Suppose you’ve finally designed a simple template that you’d like to use over and over for your auctions. You can save any listing you’ve created as a template — and then merely substitute the new text the next time you want to use that template format.