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Check Out Wholesale Merchandise Marts to Find eBay Items to Sell

By Marsha Collier

Should you be lucky enough to live in a major metropolitan area you may buy eBay merchandise in a merchandise or fashion mart near you. These are giant complexes that hold as many as several thousand lines of merchandise in one area.

Merchandise marts are hubs for wholesale buyers, distributors, manufacturers, and independent sales representatives. They have showrooms within the property for manufacturers or their representatives to display their current merchandise. Under one roof, you may find both fashion and gift merchandise for your eBay business.

There are many marts across the country. This is not a comprehensive list, just one to get your mind moving; Check out for a more thorough list. You can contact the individual marts for tenant lists and more information. If you’re a legitimate business, the marts will be more than happy to teach you the ropes and get you started.

Name Location Trade Shows
Americas Mart Atlanta, Georgia Apparel, jewelry, shoes, fashion accessories, gifts, home
California Market Center Los Angeles, CA Apparel, accessories, textiles, toys, gifts, furniture &
décor, garden accessories, stationery, personal-care
The Merchandise Mart Chicago, Ill Apparel, office, home, decorative accessories, textiles,
The Chicago Market Chicago, IL Apparel, home furnishings, antiques, gifts, bridal
Columbus Marketplace Columbus, OH Gifts, garden, home furnishings, décor
Dallas Market Center Dallas, TX Apparel, gift products, decorative accessories, home
furnishings, lighting, garden accessories, floral, and gourmet
Denver Merchandise Mart Denver, CO Apparel, gifts, souvenirs, gourmet, collectibles, home
The L.A. Mart Los Angeles, CA Gifts, home décor, furnishings
Miami Merchandise Mart Miami, FL Apparel, gifts, accessories, home décor
Minneapolis Gift Mart Minneapolis, MN Gifts, home décor, accessories
New York Merchandise Mart New York, NY Gifts, home décor, accessories
San Francisco Gift Center & Jewelry Mart San Francisco, CA Apparel, jewelry, home furnishings, gifts, jewelry,
The New Mart Los Angeles, CA Contemporary clothing and accessories

When you go to each mart’s website, you’ll find hundreds of links to wholesale sources. Many marts also send you a directory of the manufacturers represented in the mart.