Calculating Shipping for a Non-eBay Item - dummies

Calculating Shipping for a Non-eBay Item

By Victoria Rosenborg, Marsha Collier

If you want to sell a non-eBay item and accept PayPal as the form of payment, you can estimate and apply shipping costs to the invoice or money request you send to the buyer. You can add shipping costs as a percentage of the total cost or as a flat dollar amount. You can add the shipping cost when you’re creating the invoice, or you can set your shipping calculations and preferences in advance.

If you’re unsure about how much to add when estimating shipping costs on a specific invoice, you can still use the eBay Shipping Calculator for help, even if you’re not selling the item through eBay! On the eBay Web site, click the Site Map link, which you find at the bottom of every page. Click the Shipping Center link, which you find under Selling Resources. Go through the Shipping Calculator steps, filling out the weight and size of the package, the zip codes for the seller and the buyer, and opt to see sample domestic or international rates. You see approximate rates to charge your buyer, depending upon the type of shipping service(s) you plan to offer.