"Buy It Now" on eBay - dummies

By Marsha Collier

You don’t have to participate in an auction on eBay to buy something. If you want to make a purchase — if it’s something you must have — you can usually find the item and buy it immediately.

Of course, using Buy It Now (BIN in eBay-speak) doesn’t come with the thrill of an auction, but purchasing an item at a fraction of the retail price — without leaving your chair or waiting for an auction to end — has its own warm and fuzzy kind of excitement. If you seek this kind of instant gratification on eBay, click the Buy It Now tab when browsing categories or performing searches.

You may visit an eBay auction only to see an option to Buy It Now. It’s not an error! The seller has decided on a price at which to sell the item. By clicking Buy It Now, you can do an end run around the auction process and buy the item outright. If you bid on an auction that shows the Buy It Now option, the Buy it Now option will disappear unless the seller has placed a reserve price that hasn’t been met.

eBay Stores

Visiting eBay Stores is as easy as clicking the Visit Store link on any item page. Thousands of eBay sellers have set up these online stores with merchandise meant for you to Buy It Now — and when you find a seller you like, you can visit the store with a click of your mouse.

Sellers who open an eBay Store have to meet a certain level of experience on eBay, and when you buy from an eBay Store, you’re protected by the same Buyer Protection policy that covers you in any eBay transaction.

Buy It Now and fixed-price sales

More and more sellers are selling items with a Buy It Now option or at a fixed price. These features enable you to buy an item as soon as you see one at a price that suits you.