Becoming a Great eBay Seller - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Part of Starting an eBay Business For Dummies Cheat Sheet

So your eBay bug has morphed from selling as a hobby to building an eBay business. Becoming a great eBay seller means there’s a great deal of work — and a lot of fun — ahead of you. Follow these tips for researching, setting up, and successfully selling on eBay:

  • Answer all e-mail questions from prospective bidders and buyers within 24 hours and check your e-mail hourly before the close of your auctions. (Doing so can pay off in higher last-minute bidding.) Good customer service goes a long way in promoting and building your eBay business.

  • When listing a new item, research it and be sure that you know its current value and the going price.

  • Before listing, weigh your item and estimate the shipping cost. Be sure to list shipping (and handling) costs in your ad whether you use a flat rate or the shipping calculator for heavier packages.

  • Always see how many other sellers are selling your item. eBay is a supply and demand market. If too many people are selling the same item, the price may go down.

  • To encourage bidding in the case of auctions, set the lowest possible starting bid for your item.

  • Check the eBay guidelines to be sure that your item is permitted and that your listing doesn’t violate any listing policies.

  • Get to know the listing patterns of sellers who sell merchandise similar to yours, and try to close your items at different times or days.