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An Overview of the eBay Home Page Bottom Links

By Marsha Collier

At the very bottom of the eBay home page, nested into category titles, is an unassuming group of hierarchical links to some seriously handy pages. Here’s a guide to a few of the links you’ll find:

  • Tools: A link to delve into the depths of eBay technology. There are links to eBay software downloads and tools. If you have a hankering to create some eBay-compatible software, there’s a link to the developers’ network. You can also visit the Security Center from here. This link takes you to a page where concerns about fraud and safety are addressed.

    Clicking the eBay Site Map link provides you with a bird’s-eye view of eBay. Every top-level link is listed on the Site Map page. If you’re ever confused about finding a specific area, try the site map. If a top-level link isn’t listed here, it’s not on eBay — yet. When you get lost on eBay, the Site Map page will generally get you going in the right direction.

  • Gift Center: Send an eBay gift certificate or gift card for any special occasion. You can print it yourself, or eBay will send it to any mail or e-mail address you provide. The gift certificate is good for any item on the site.

  • About eBay: This is always a fun place to visit. You can get company info, investor information, company history, and more. If you think you might want to work for eBay instead of through eBay, there’s a link to jobs available all over the globe.


    The link to contact eBay often seems elusive just when you really need it. You will find a Contact us link at the bottom of the About eBay category heading. You will also find the Policies link, the place to go to brush up on the site’s policies and guidelines.

    eBay invites their sellers to get active in the politics of online selling and buying through their Government Relations group. Join in, share your views, and send letters to congresspeople — make a difference!

  • Affiliates: If you have your own website and want to make a few bucks, click this link. If you sign up for the program and put a link to eBay on your web page, eBay pays you for new users who sign up directly from your website (plus other bonuses). Click the link for the current details.

  • Community: When you want to know about new features on eBay or about any late-breaking news, look here. You will also see links to preview eBay’s latest innovations.

On other eBay pages, the bottom navigation bar looks different. You can access these special, categorized links only on the eBay home page.