Allowable Links on eBay Auction Items - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Providing links to more information about items you are selling on eBay can certainly help your sales. But not all links are allowed. Few issues set eBay sellers to arguing more than the rules on linking. In your auction item description, you can use the following links:

  • One link to an additional page that gives further information about the item you’re selling.

  • A link that opens an e-mail window on the prospective buyer’s browser so the buyer can send you an e-mail.

  • Links to more photos of the item you’re selling.

  • Links to your other auctions on eBay and your eBay Store listings.

  • One link to your About Me page, in addition to the link next to your user ID that eBay provides.

  • Links to vendors’ sites that help you with your auctions. eBay considers listing services, software, and payment services to be third-party vendors. You can legally link to them as long as the HTML font is no larger than size 3; if you’re using a logo, it must be no larger than 88 x 33 pixels.

    Most third-party vendors are well aware of these restrictions. They don’t want their credits pulled from eBay, so the information they supply as a link generally falls within eBay’s parameters.

In your auction description, you cannot link to the following:

  • A page that offers to sell, trade, or purchase merchandise outside the eBay site.

  • Any area on the Internet that offers merchandise considered illegal on eBay.

  • Any site that encourages eBay bidders to place their bids outside eBay.

  • Sites that solicit eBay user IDs and passwords.

eBay rules on your About Me page are pretty much the same as they are on the rest of the site. Because eBay gives you this page for self-promotion, you may link to your own business website from it (e-commerce or otherwise). Be sure not to link to other trading sites or to sites that offer the same merchandise for the same or a lower price.