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Adding eBay’s View Counter and Buy It Now to Your Listing

By Marsha Collier

eBay buyers like gadgets and widgets. As a seller, you can add a View Counter and a Buy It Now button for you auction items. These tools don’t just look snazzy, they boost your eBay sales.

View Counter

Counters have become a popular free option in the online world. Placed on your listing in the Sell Your Item form, the numeric view counter ticks up by one each time someone loads your page from eBay. This can add up to numbers that impress bidders (convincing them they’re viewing a hot deal) or impress other sellers to run out and sell the identical item at eBay.

A counter is a terrific tool for marketing your auctions — sometimes. If you have an auction with no bids and a counter that reads a high number, newbie bidders may be dissuaded from bidding on your auction. They’ll think along these lines: “Gee, if that many people looked at this listing and didn’t bid, something must be wrong with the item.” They’ll tend to doubt their own instincts as to what is and isn’t a good deal. In a situation such as this, however, what might be going on is that savvy bidders are just watching your auction, waiting to bid at the last minute.

Also offered by eBay is a hidden counter that shields the numbers from the eyes of casual lookie-loos. The figures are available only to you, after you sign on to eBay and click the item in your My eBay page. The number of page views appears at the top of the page.

Professional counters can be more sophisticated and can give you valuable marketing data about your items. Smart counters offer a breakdown of visitors hour by hour. Others can let you know where your customers have come from and what keywords they used to find your item. eBay offers you a free counter, but it’s not a very smart one.

Buy It Now

The Buy It Now feature has many significant benefits. If you have a target price for the item you’re listing in an auction, make that your Buy It Now price. You can also use this option during frenzied holiday shopping times or with very hot items. Try posting a slightly higher than normal price and perhaps you’ll get a bite, er, sale.


Keep in mind, when deciding on your Buy It Now price, that eBay requires the price be at least 10 percent more than your opening bid.

The Buy It Now feature disappears when someone bids on the item or, if you’ve placed a reserve on the auction, when a bidder meets your reserve price.

Buy It Now adds costs to your listing on a graduated scale that’s based on your selling price. If your item will sell for a low price, remember my golden rule: Before paying for a feature, ask yourself whether it’s in your listing budget.

Buy It Now Fees
Buy It Now Price Auction Fee
$0.01 to $9.99 $0.05
$10.00 to $24.99 $0.10
$25.00 to $49.99 $0.20
$50.00 or more $0.25