How to Run an Instagram Stories Ad in Ads Manager - dummies

How to Run an Instagram Stories Ad in Ads Manager

By Jennifer Herman, Eric Butow, Corey Walker

Instagram Stories can be created only in Facebook Ads Manager, not in the mobile app. To run a Stories ad by using Facebook Ads Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Create a photo, video, or carousel ad.
  2. In the Placements section, select Edit Placements, and then select only Instagram Stories as your placement.
  3. Scroll down to the Budget & Schedule section.

    You should already have an idea of how much you can spend for the entire campaign, and the length of the campaign.

  4. Choose Daily Budget (the default setting), enter your daily campaign-spending amount, and choose the days you want to run the campaign.

    Be sure to enter the daily amount for the campaign, not the entire campaign amount.

  5. In the Optimization for Delivery drop-down list, choose Link Clicks.

    Leave all other fields at their default settings.

  6. Click Continue.
    The Page & Post page appears, where you can upload your ad. When choosing a Stories ad, you have only one option: Create New Ad.
  7. Upload a photo or an image, or upload a video.

    Because Stories are vertical, the recommended image size is 1,080 x 1,920 pixels for an image, or filming in the vertical format on your phone for video.

  8. Type your caption text, choose a call-to-action button, and enter the website in which you’d like to link the ad.
  9. When everything looks good in the preview on the right, click Confirm to process the ad.
Instagram Stories ad
To run an ad in Instagram Stories, deselect every option except Instagram Stories in the Edit Placements area.