How to Promote Your Business’s Twitter Chat - dummies

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

Twitter chats are easy to market and promote. If you have a network and a platform, you have the ability to tell people about your business’s Twitter chat:

  • Blog: Use your blog to announce each Twitter chat. Touch on the discussion topic and announce any special guests. Be sure to link to your guest’s blog, website, or Twitter account, which will catch her attention and encourage her to share the link with her own community.
  • Twitter: Announce your chat at least once or twice per day. Although you’re limited in characters, try to name the topic and guest, and don’t forget the hashtag.
  • Facebook: Try announcing the time, hashtag, and date at least once per day.
  • Google+: Share with everyone in your circles.
  • LinkedIn: Career-oriented chats are especially of interest to the folks on LinkedIn.
  • Your community: Ask your community to help spread the word. Don’t spam them, but do say “please share” when tweeting, blogging, or putting it out on the other social networks.
  • Your guests: Ask your guests to help promote the event to their communities.
  • A community calendar: Create a shareable calendar listing all the #chat dates, topics, and guests. Plan at least a month in advance.
promote your twitter chat
Promote your chat on social networks.

Promote your Twitter chat in the same way you promote your business. Share it with your community without being pushy, smarmy, or spammy. Invite them to participate and share with their communities.

You’re not going to get the same interest in every topic every week, but you’ll find that you do have at least a few loyal community members who show up each time. Use participation to gauge the types of things your Twitter community enjoys talking about.