How to Use a QR Code Generator - dummies

By Joe Waters

A generator site is where you can create and design your very own QR Code. Most QR Code generators come with tracking tools. Sometimes they’re free, but sometimes not. Make sure to check your generator for analytics before you create and use a QR Code in a campaign.

One of the good QR Code–management systems is You can purchase the Campaigns account (for $50 per year) and pay just $1 per QR Code.

Many other QR Code–tracking services have similar management systems that give the same data and work the same way as An example would be, a free QR Code generator and tracker.

After you create and use a QR Code, visit, log in, pick the QR Code you want statistics for, and complete these steps:

Description page for a qr campaign.

1Click the Statistics link.

You can filter the results by date and see the daily analytics.

Chart shows the number of daily scans a QR campaign got.

2Click to see a chart of the number of scans on each day.

You can view what country and cities the scans came from.

A list of places where a QR code was scanned.

3Click to see the locations of the scans.

You can see which mobile devices were used.

A chart of mobile devices used to scan a QR code.

4Click to find out what types of mobile devices scanned your code.