Determining Instagram Post Content for Your Business - dummies

Determining Instagram Post Content for Your Business

By Jennifer Herman, Eric Butow, Corey Walker

If you have done some research, you’ll have a good idea of what Instagram content is working (and what’s not) for your competitors and other brands. Now that you have the data you need, plus the work you’ve done on your brand, you’re ready to go!

You should know the following:

  • Your brand voice
  • Your color palette
  • Whether you’ll be using photography, illustrations, video, or all three
  • Whether text overlays will be used sometimes, always, or never
  • Whether you’ll be using a filter, and which one
  • Your caption style
  • How many hashtags you’ll use

If you’re still struggling for content ideas, think about the following quick, effective content ideas for your posts:

  • How-to articles related to your industry (by using a link in the bio)
  • Product or service success stories and testimonials (by using a link in the bio)
  • Case studies (by using a link in the bio)
  • Weekly hashtag themes, such as #TBT (Throwback Thursday) or #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)
  • Holidays
  • Behind-the-scenes photos of your staff

After you have the type of content for your posts figured out, the next step is creating a content calendar. A content calendar can help you keep your posts consistent with your brand voice and business objectives. It’s also helpful for aligning your tone and goals across all of your business’s channels.