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The My Preferences tab of the Accounting Preferences dialog box in QuickBooks 2017 provides a single option: You can tell QuickBooks you want it to autofill information when recording a general journal entry. Setting the Bills and Calendar Preferences can help you make quicker work of bookkeeping.

Setting the Bills Preferences

If you display the Preferences dialog box and click the Bills icon, you can set company-level preferences for handling vendor bills. You can, for example, specify that bills are considered to be due a certain number of days after their receipt by entering a value in the appropriate text box. You can also use these company-level preferences to specify that early-payment discounts should be used and to choose an account for recording the value of these discounts.

Setting the Calendar Preferences

If you display the Preferences dialog box and click the Calendar icon, you can set your personal preferences for showing calendar information within QuickBooks, including a preference to remember previous calendar settings, the view used to show weeks, which transactions you want to appear on the calendar, and how you want calendar reminders to show.

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