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The big question: What’s does a QuickBooks Online subscription cost? The price is dependent primarily on the QBO version you choose. If you are an end user who signs up on your own for a QBO subscription, the price per month appears here.
QBO Subscription Pricing
QBO Version Regular Price Sale Price
Self-Employed $10/month $5/month
Simple Start $13/month $10/month
Essentials $27/month $18/month
Plus $40/month $24/month

These prices are monthly subscription prices. In some cases, when you sign up, you’ll be offered the option to pay for an entire year. And, paying for a full year might turn out to be less expensive than paying on a monthly basis.

You’ll receive a bill on a regular basis from Intuit. Intuit gives you a free 30-day trial that includes payroll processing along with the rest of the subscription’s features. If you opt to continue QBO Payroll after the 30-day trial, your subscription fee increases. The free trial also includes the Payments app, which gives you the ability to process online and mobile payments with rates per use as low as 1.75 percent + 25 cents per swipe and 50 cents per bank payment/ACH.

If you opt for a 30-day free trial, you won’t get the sale price for the subscription. But, if you “buy now,” Intuit gives you a 60 day, money-back guarantee on your purchase.

If you are an accounting professional, you can sign up for the Wholesale Pricing program and use QBOA for free. If you create a client’s company as part of the Wholesale Pricing program and you manage the client’s subscription, Intuit sends you the bill for the client’s subscription. It is your responsibility to bill the client for the QBO subscription.

The bill you receive from Intuit is a single consolidated bill for all the QBO subscriptions you manage. But, for the complete skinny on the Wholesale Pricing program, contact Intuit. Note that accounting professionals might be able to get QBO for their clients at a reduced price.

If an accounting professional creates a company through QBOA, the company does not come with a 30-day free trial. Instead, at the time the accounting professional creates the company, he must provide a payment method to ensure uninterrupted service.

If your client initially sets up QBO with his or her own subscription, you can move that existing QBO subscription to your consolidated bill at the discounted rate. And, if your arrangement with your client doesn’t work out, you can remove the client from your consolidated bill, and the client can begin paying for his own subscription.

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