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Line art, text boxes, pictures, and other fancy document elements use layout options to control where they sit in the text. These options are set when you select the object (click on it) and then click the Layout Options button, as illustrated in the following figure:

Layout Options

Here are the layout options and a description of how they affect an object:

  • In Line with Text: The default option treats the object as though it were just another character in a paragraph — albeit a potentially large character.
  • Square: The object sits inside a rectangle, no matter what the object's shape. Text flows around the rectangle, keeping equidistance from the object.
  • Tight: This setting is similar to square, though the text is closer to the object and matches its shape.
  • Through: If the object's shape allows, text flows through the image, perhaps filling an interior space or space between separate sides of the same object.
  • Top and Bottom: The object is held in a box with the top and bottom extending to the page margins.
  • Behind Text: The object floats behind the text, as though it's part of the page.
  • In Front of Text: The object floats in front of the text, obscuring the text if the object is opaque.
In all cases, the object can be attached to a paragraph of text or allowed to remain at a fixed position on the page. These settings appear in the figure, at the bottom of the Layout Options pop-up.
  • Move with Text: The Anchor icon appears next to a paragraph in the text. The object stays with that paragraph on the same page. Drag the anchor to associate the object with a different paragraph.
  • Fix Position on Page: The object can sit at any location on the page. Its position is unaffected by edits or additions to the text.
These two options, Move with Text and Fix Position on Page, are available for only some of the layout options described on this web page.

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