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Making a form in Word 2011 for Mac is as simple as choosing appropriate form controls from the Developer tab of the Ribbon in Office 2011 for Mac, placing them in your Word document, and then enabling your form by turning protection on. Sometimes you don’t need a text field for a response, and a check box is enough.

Adding a check box to a form is a piece of cake! Follow these steps:

  1. Click at the point in your document where you want this form control to be located.

  2. Click the Check Box Form Field button on the Developer tab of the Ribbon.

    A little square appears.

  3. Click the Form Fields Options button on the Developer tab of the Ribbon.

    The Check Box Form Field Options dialog opens.


The following options in this dialog are

  • Check Box Size: You have two choices here:

    • Auto: Let Word decide.

    • Exactly: Type a value or use the increase/decrease control.

  • Default Value: Select Checked or Not Checked.

  • Run Macro On: If you have macros available to this document, you can choose one to be triggered as the form field is clicked into or exited.

  • Field Settings: Three options exist in this area:

    • Bookmark Field: Give the check box a name ending with a number.

    • Calculate on Exit: If you use calculations, you can select this box to cause Word to perform the calculations after the control is used.

    • Check Box Enabled: Deselect to disable this check box.

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