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Safe Mode in Word 2016 works similarly to Startup mode and may provide an answer to a problem you're experiencing in Word. The difference is that Word starts without add-ons, modifications, or custom settings. What you get is the "raw" version of Word with no frills.

Follow these steps to start Word in Safe Mode:

  1. Ensure that Word is closed.
  2. Press the Win+R keyboard shortcut.
  3. Type WINWORD /SAFE into the Run dialog box.
  4. Click OK. Word starts, perhaps even filling the entire screen. The window title reads "Microsoft Word (Safe Mode)." A dialog box appears, explaining what you might do next.
  5. Click the Accept button, if prompted.
  6. Attempt to replicate the problem in Word. Do whatever you did before to see whether the issue arises. If so, the problem is with either the Normal template or an add-on.
  7. Quit Word when you're done troubleshooting.

Do not attempt to create or edit any documents while running Word in Safe Mode. You can poke around, but keep in mind that Safe Mode is for troubleshooting and not for creating or editing documents.

If the problem isn't resolved in Safe Mode, something else is at fault. You may have a PC hardware issue, a problem with Windows, malware, or any of a number of meddlesome issues. Check elsewhere in this chapter for information on troubleshooting document problems as well as using the Office Repair utility.

You can also start Word in Safe Mode by pressing and holding the Ctrl key as Word starts.

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