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You have two choices when it comes to starting text at the top of a page in the middle of a Word 2016 document. The first choice is to keep whacking the Enter key until that new page shows up. This approach is horribly wrong. It works, but it leads to trouble later as you edit your document.

The second, and preferred, choice is to insert a hard page break:

  1. Position the insertion pointer where you want one page to end and the next page to start.

    Splitting the page at the start of a new paragraph is recommended.

  2. Click the Insert tab.

  3. In the Pages group, click the Page Break command button.

    Text before the insertion pointer is on the previous page, and text after the insertion pointer is on the next page.

The hard page break stays with your text. No matter how you edit or add text, the split between pages remains.

  • The keyboard shortcut to split pages is Ctrl+Enter.

  • To remove a hard page break, position the insertion pointer at the top of the page just after the break. Press the Backspace key. If you goof up, use Ctrl+Z to undo.

  • Use the Show/Hide command to view the hard page-break character. The hard page break is easier to see in Draft view.

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