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What can you do to get comments into your text? The best way: You use the comment feature in Word 2013. To shove a comment into your document, follow these steps:

  1. Select the chunk of text on which you want to comment.

    Be specific. Although you may be tempted to select the entire document, only the first few words of a longer chunk are necessary.

  2. On the Review tab, click the New Comment button in the Comments group.


    Several things happen. First, a Comments box appears by the selected text. You also see a cartoon bubble (shown in the margin), which is a visual indication that a comment exists somewhere in the text.

  3. Type your comment and press the Esc key when you’re done typing the comment.

    You can also close the comment: Click its Close (X) button. Or just click the mouse outside the Comments box.

The comments and the markup area stay visible until you hide them.

You cannot undo a comment. Comments can only be deleted.

Even if you change your mind and don’t write a comment, the comment stays. Its text is empty, but it’s still a comment.

Other readers and editors and various meddlers can comment on your comments. Click the button shown in that figure to add a comment to the comment. Names appear by each comment so that you know whom to blame.

You can edit the comments the same as you edit any text in Word.

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