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It took some time, but Office 365 customers now can experience the full benefits of Yammer as an enterprise social networking solution. The service is deeply integrated in Office 365.

In SharePoint Online, you can embed a Yammer feed on your site pages to enable two-way conversations without leaving SharePoint. When you want to use the full Yammer functionalities, you can easily navigate to Yammer from the app launcher on the Office 365 navigation bar.

Why Yammer?

  • If you need to collaborate with others, you must Yammer.
  • If you value connections, you must Yammer.
  • If you want to share your ideas and benefit from other peoples' ideas, then you must Yammer.
Like most popular social networking sites, there are basic tasks you must complete before engaging with other users in the network. Yammer is no different. If you'll be using this tool for work, here are five rules to set yourself up for success:
  • Promote yourself by completing your profile. List your interests and areas of expertise to let your colleagues know who you are. This will also make you discoverable in searches.

Upload a profile photo—it adds a personal touch when people are conversing with you.

  • Let them know you're ready to Yam. Introduce yourself to the network. By default, Yammer posts a notification whenever a new member joins the network. You can tack your own introduction from that notification by either replying to it or creating a new post.
  • Start Yamming. Join a group, follow people and topics, post a message, like a post, reply to messages, and even create your own group! Those are just a few of the things you can do to have an online presence.

Yammer is like a gift that gives back. The more you give, the more you receive. Use Yammer to gather feedback but don't be stingy about sharing great ideas.

  • Stay in the know. Stay connected with your Yammer buddies via notifications through the Yammer app. If you become wildly popular, however, you might end up with a bunch of notifications, so adjust your settings from the edit profile page.
  • Optimize every conversation. Similar to Twitter and other social tools, you can use symbols as markers:
    • # (hashtags) to mark conversations as topics
    • @ (at-mentions) to alert other users that you've added them to the conversation
Introducing yourself on Yammer.

Yammer is great for exchanging ideas and two-way conversations around a specific topic. It's an ideal solution for putting a stop to email trees that branch off into multiple replies, forwards, carbon copies, and blind carbon copies just to gather input to arrive at a decision. When you ask a question on Yammer, everyone in the group can see the question, reply to it, and see everyone's replies. You can also conduct a poll as well as praise a colleague on Yammer.

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