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If you’re a student who has joined a class in Google Classroom, you will most certainly begin receiving assignments from your teacher. When you log in to the class, you can see your assignments listed on the Stream tab, either at the left under Assignments or in the middle of the page. You can also click the Menu icon at the top left of the browser window and choose Assignments to see a full list of assignments.

Follow these steps to work on a class assignment:

  1. On the Stream tab, click the Open button on the assignment in the middle of the page. You see the assignment page in Figure 1.

  2. Click Instructions at the top to view any information the teacher may have provided to help with the assignment. Any links to YouTube videos or external links appear here as well.

  3. Click Your Work to view what you have to do.

  4. If you have a document to work on, click its name. The document is hosted on Google Drive, so the document opens in the appropriate viewer.

    • For documents not created with Google apps, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, the document opens in a viewer. To edit the document, you have to download it to your hard drive and re-upload it when finished, or you have to open it in the corresponding Google app, which saves a different copy of it on your Google Drive. In both cases, you have to reattach the document to the assignment before you turn it in.

    • For documents created with Google apps, like Docs, Sheets, and so on, the document opens in the appropriate app so that you can edit it. There’s no need to reattach the document to the assignment. Hopefully, your teacher used this method!

  5. After you finish the assignment and reattach the document, if necessary, click Turn In. Google Classroom asks you if you’re sure you want to turn in the assignment. If you do, then click Turn In again.

    Figure 1: View your assignments.
    Figure 1: View your assignments.

    Source: google.com

After you turn in your assignment, you can’t edit the assignment. You can only view the assignment. However, you can unsubmit the assignment to make changes, unless the teacher has already graded the assignment. You need to resubmit the assignment after you make your changes.

You can add a private comment to the assignment by clicking in the Add Private Comment field below the assignment. This is a private communication between you and your teacher; no other students can see it.

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