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Viewing videos on YouTube is easy. To watch a YouTube video, just click an image icon — the page changes, and the video begins playing in a little window. Viewing a video is just that simple.

Each video comes complete with a controller that lets you

  • Pause the video. Click the button that has two vertical lines.

  • Change the screen size. Click the button with the big triangle on it.

  • Control the volume. This button looks like a little megaphone.

  • View the video in full screen. Look for the button that has a little rectangle in it. If you don't like the widescreen, go back to the smaller screen by clicking Esc on your keyboard.

You can even choose to see the video in closed caption or with annotations (comments) — if available.

You'll see two sets of numbers next to the volume control: The one on the right side shows how long the video is in minutes and seconds — for example, 4:21. The number on the left is a little timer that counts how long you've been watching. When the video finishes playing, you can replay the video, share it with a friend, or look for another video.

After you view a couple videos, click one of the blue tabs near the top of the screen to gain access to all the videos in the YouTube vault:
  • The Home tab is where you update your subscriptions (favorite channels), check out featured videos, see your friends' videos, and more.

  • The Videos tab leads you to all of the eye candy. Videos are organized by category, Featured, Rising Videos, Most Discussed, Most Viewed, and more.

  • The Channels tab takes you to a huge place full of channels that offer, well, more videos. Pick a channel, any channel.

  • The Community tab takes you to forums, blogs, contests, and more.

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