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The Honors & Awards section of your LinkedIn profile is the area to enter any honors and awards you earned throughout your career. The Honors & Awards section is one of the hardest areas to fill out. Many people don't keep a list of the honors and awards they have received, and when it finally comes time to list them, they simply can't remember.

Here's something to remember: If you don't record these honors, no one else will. You never know when it might come down to you and another highly lauded individual for a job, promotion, or project. You don't want to miss out simply because they recorded and touted their accomplishments and you didn't.

To determine your honors and awards, think in terms of certificates, plaques, and trophies you received. Open up your closet and check the top shelf — are any of these items collecting dust in a box? Jot down on a piece of paper these awards. Once you have identified any certificates, plaques, or trophies, dig deeper. Honors and awards don't have to be tangible items.

Here are some questions to help you remember other types of honors and awards you may have received:

  • Were you ever quoted in a newspaper article?
  • Were you ever profiled in a magazine?
  • Did you ever give a speech or deliver a keynote address?
  • Did you ever sit on a panel or act as a moderator?
  • Were you ever asked to work on a special project?
  • Were you chosen to provide training or mentoring to colleagues?
  • Were you ever appointed to a committee?

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