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In late 2016, Instagram introduced business profiles to Instagram. Before this feature rolled out, all profiles on Instagram looked identical. Now brands have the capability to stand out from regular accounts and can benefit from a variety of features available only to business profiles.

By upgrading to a business profile on Instagram, you get features such as the following:

  • Easy-to-access contact buttons that make it easy for your customers to email you, call you, or get directions to your location
  • An industry listing that informs visitors what you do as a business
  • In-app analytics to best monitor what is and isn’t working in your content strategy
  • The ability to boost posts from your Instagram profile and run ads on Instagram
  • The ability to manage your Instagram comments and engagement through your Facebook page

You are allowed only one clickable link (in your bio). The contact button feature means people can call or email you, providing you additional ways to connect directly with your customers and close more sales!

To upgrade to a business profile on Instagram, you must have a Facebook business page to which you can connect. Instagram advertising is managed through the Facebook Business Manager, and even if you don’t plan to run ads, Instagram requires you to connect to a Facebook business page.

You can connect only one Facebook page to one Instagram profile. If you manage multiple Instagram accounts and want to upgrade them all, they must each connect to a separate Facebook page.

Now that you've set up your Instagram account, you can easily upgrade your account to a business profile, following a few steps outlined next.

Connecting to a Facebook page

As mentioned, you need to have a Facebook business page if you want to upgrade to an Instagram business profile. Then you follow a few easy steps to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page and set up your contact information.

To upgrade your Instagram account to a business account, do the following:

  1. Log in to Instagram on your mobile device, and tap Edit Profile.

    The Edit Profile screen appears.

    edit instagram business profile The Edit Profile screen has an option for upgrading to a business profile.
  2. Select the Upgrade to Business Profile option or the Try Instagram Business Tools option.
  3. Tap your way through the screens that highlight the value of business profiles.
  4. When prompted, tap Continue to connect to a Facebook page.
  5. Select your Facebook page.

    If you manage only one Facebook page, that page is selected automatically. If you manage multiple Facebook pages, they will appear in the list of options. Select the page to which you want to connect.

    Information from your Facebook page, including your email address, phone number, and location, is imported.

    edit contact info instagram business Edit your contact information to populate the contact buttons on your profile.

    The contact info uploaded to the Instagram setup screen determines which contact buttons (Email, Phone, and Directions) appear on your profile. For example, if you don't include a phone number, the Call Contact button will not appear.

  6. Update or add information as necessary.

    For example, if your information does not populate a phone number but you would like to include the Call contact button, you can add your phone number to that field in the Contact Options screen.

    You can edit this information at any time, in case you want to add or delete a contact option later.

  7. Save your information.

    Tap the check mark in the top-right corner of the Contact Options screen.

Your Instagram account is now set up as a business profile!

Navigating your business profile

Now that you've upgraded to a business profile, you'll see some new features on your profile.

Busines profile features Business profiles provide features not available to a regular Instagram account.

Business profile features allow you to make the most out of your Instagram account by tracking your account analytics, promoting your posts, and providing information to your audience about how to contact you:

  • The bar graph (in the top-right corner) is where you'll find your profile analytics. As you post content and build your audience, new information will be recorded in your analytics.
  • The Promote button allows you to create a paid advertising campaign based on content in your profile.
  • The industry tag associated with your Facebook page transfers over to your Instagram account and is listed in gray below your name.
  • The contact buttons you set up when upgrading your account appear on your profile, making it easy for your audience to contact you.
After upgrading your account, your new business profile appears to people visiting your profile. If they're following you, they can tap the Message button to message you (via direct message) from your profile. They also see your contact buttons and industry listing.

Instagram business profile Instagram users view your business profile with these added features.

Even though you have these additional features as a business profile, your profile characteristics, such as your username, name, bio, and URL, remain the same.

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