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Facebook Power Editor was introduced as a way for larger advertisers to upload and manage multiple ads at once. If you're new to the ad game, go with the easier-to-use Instagram mobile app or Facebook Ads Manager.

If you're confident in your Facebook Ads Manager skills and want to give Power Editor a try, these instructions are for you!

  1. Go to Power Editor and click Create Campaign.

    Unlike Ads Manager, Power Editor doesn't have a drop-down on Facebook.

    ad options instagram Name your campaign, ad set, and ad.
  2. In the first section on the page:
    1. In the Campaign Name field, type a campaign name.
    2. Leave the Buying Type as Auction so that Facebook will get the best price for your ad.
    3. Choose your campaign objective. You can choose from the following: Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation, Post Engagement, Page Likes, Event Responses, Messages, Conversions, Product Catalog Sales, or Store Visits. To follow along with the example, choose Traffic.
  3. Type a name for your ad set.

    If you have only one ad set under the campaign name, you can give it the same name as the campaign. If you have multiple ad sets under one campaign, be specific when naming. For example, the campaign might be “Jenni’s Thanksgiving Fundraising Campaign,” and then the ad set would be a subset that includes targeting, placement, budget, and schedule. You might have several ad sets with different targeting, placement, budget and schedules, but they can all be under the same campaign. (You can go back to Create Campaign at any time and choose Existing Campaign, choose Create New Ad Set, and type a new name.)

  4. Type your ad name.

    If you have multiple ads under one campaign or ad set, be specific when naming. Similar to the ad set, you can have multiple ad names that can include different pieces of creative or post text.

  5. Click Save to Draft.

    Another screen pops up confirming your choices and asks for a campaign-spending limit.

  6. Enter your campaign limit, and click the Ad Set Link to the right.

    The next page asks for the same information as the one in Ads Manager.

  7. Complete the information on the Creating the Ad Set page.Enter the budget and schedule, locations, age, gender, languages, detailed targeting, and connection types.
  8. Click Save This Audience.

    The next section that appears, Placements, is also the same as the one in Ads Manager.

  9. Decide where to run your ad:
    • To run the ad on all available ad sections on Instagram and Facebook, leave Automatic Placements selected.
    • To run the ad only on Instagram, select Edit Placements and deselect everything except Instagram Feed.
    • To run a Stories ad, select only Instagram Stories.
  10. In the Optimization & Delivery section, leave everything as automatically selected. Click the 1 Ad link on the top right of the pop-up.

    The Ads page appears.

  11. Make sure the correct Facebook and Instagram accounts are listed in the Identity section.

    If another account appears for Facebook, choose another page in the drop-down list.

    Instagram ad Choose the Facebook and Instagram accounts where your ads will be running.
  12. In the next section, choose whether to use an existing post or create an ad:
    • If you've already created and posted the image and text on Facebook, click Use Existing Post and then choose the post from the Page Post drop-down list. The ad appears in the Ad Preview section to the right.

      Facebook post as ad You can use an existing Facebook post as an ad.
    • If you want to create the ad in Power Editor, select Create Ad. Select one of the three options. From here, you can add images and videos, a website URL, text, a headline, and a newsfeed link description, and choose your call-to-action link. A preview of your ad appears on the right.

      ad type instagram Choose the type of ad you're creating.
  13. Click the arrow at the top left of the Create Ad page to go to the main Power Editor dashboard.

    Your ad campaign information is saved as a draft for your review.

  14. Click the blue Review Draft Items button at the top right of the page.

    The Review Draft Items screen appears with the name of your campaign.

    Power Editor Power Editor reviews your campaign to check for errors.
  15. Click the green Confirm button.

    If there are no problems, an approval notice appears, and your ad is ready to run! If there are problems, you are notified, along with instructions for correcting them. You can always return to your ad from the dashboard and click Edit to make changes.

You can make an ad inactive before it’s finished running by going to the main dashboard, scrolling to your ad set, and sliding the blue tab to the left of the ad’s name, turning it grey.

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