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Machine Learning (ML) is a popular area. R provides a number of ML-related packages and functions. Here are some of them:

Machine Learning Packages and Functions

Package Function What it does
rattle rattle() Opens the Rattle Graphic User Interface
rpart rpart() Creates a decision tree
rpart.plot prp() Draws a decision tree
randomForest randomForest() Creates a random forest of decision trees
rattle printRandomForests() Prints the rules of a forest’s individual decision trees
e1071 svm() Trains a support vector machine
e1071 predict() Creates a vector of predicted classifications based on a support vector machine
kernlab ksvm() Trains a support vector machine
base R kmeans() Creates a k-means clustering analysis
nnet nnet() Creates a neural network with one hidden layer
NeuralNetTools plotnet() Draws a neural network
nnet predict() Creates a vector of predictions based on a neural network

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