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You may already know what you need to succeed in SwiftUI development, but most Swift developers need multiple resources to stay ahead. Here, you learn about ten great SwiftUI resources that will be useful to you when you’re ready to venture beyond the basics.

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You may as well go straight to the source! Apple has a set of resources for learning SwiftUI, including tutorials, documentation, sample code, videos, and a forum.

Of particular interest is the Tutorial section. As you scroll through each topic, you can follow the various steps in each section. Some of the figures are animated and interactive, which makes following the tutorials fun and effective. You can also jump directly to a specific topic that you’re interested in and select the relevant section to start learning.

SwiftUI by Example

SwiftUI by Example has a vast collection of tutorials on everything related to SwiftUI. If you search online for anything related to SwiftUI, chances are, you’ll find an answer on Swift by Example. The code examples are very well written — straight to the point, without all the fluff.

100 Days of SwiftUI

Created by Paul Hudson, the same person behind SwiftUI by Example 100 Days of SwiftUI is a collection of videos, tutorials, tests, and more, designed to help beginners learn SwiftUI effectively. What’s more, the course is entirely free! All you need is your motivation and focus to complete the 100 days of learning and coding.

Gosh Darn SwiftUI

Gosh Darn SwiftUI is a curated list of questions and answers about SwiftUI. It also contains a quick reference to some of the commonly used views and controls in SwiftUI. I find it useful as a quick code reference when I need to refresh myself on how to use a particular view.

There is an alternative URL for this same website. If you’re curious, just replace goshdarn with f___ing (we can’t spell out the whole word, but you can probably guess what the word is). You didn’t hear it from me.

SwiftUI Hub

SwiftUI Hub is a collection of links to tutorials on SwiftUI. This site is useful if you’re trying to learn a new topic in SwiftUI.

Awesome SwiftUI

Awesome SwiftUI is another curated list of awesome SwiftUI tutorials, libraries, videos, and articles. It contains tutorials and videos from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), as well as related articles on SwiftUI. It also contains a list of GitHub code repositories of SwiftUI projects.


raywenderlich.com has established itself in the iOS development world. It has a list of tutorials on SwiftUI that are worth a read. In addition, if you’re already familiar with the Swift programming language, SwiftUI by Tutorials is a great book to get you started using SwiftUI to build an iOS app user interface (UI) declaratively.

Swift Talk

Swift Talk is a weekly video series on Swift programming. Although Swift is in its name, it contains a lot of interesting videos on SwiftUI, including ones that allow you to learn a particular topic in depth.

About SwiftUI

This site is another repository for all things SwiftUI. About SwiftUI contains a listing of documentations by Apple, WWDC videos, tutorials, books, courses, and articles, as well as code repositories created using SwiftUI.

Stack Overflow

No resource list would be complete if it didn’t mention Stack Overflow, a question-and-answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. In fact, if you don’t know Stack Overflow, you aren’t a programmer yet!

One of the top places to get your questions on SwiftUI answered is Stack Overflow. In fact, if you search the web for the answer to your question, chances are, Stack Overflow already has what you’re looking for!

And if these don’t do the trick, you can always check out our SwiftUI Cheat Sheet.

And if you’re still not sated, you can always learn a few new SwiftUI tips and tricks.

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