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Whether you've been using a Kindle for minutes or for years, you're likely to have some questions about how to use it efficiently. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from Kindle users:

  • What's better — putting the Kindle in Sleep mode or turning it off completely? The consensus is that it's best to leave the Kindle in Sleep mode. The Kindle doesn't consume any power while asleep (if the wireless is off), and it will instantly awaken when turned back on.

  • What's better — leaving the wireless on or off? Leaving the wireless on consumes power, so you have to charge your Kindle more often. Because most people don't have content being delivered continuously to the Kindle, it makes sense to leave the wireless off until you need it. However, some folks who have newspaper or blog subscriptions like to leave the wireless on at night, so the fresh content will be waiting for them when they wake up in the morning.

  • How often does the Kindle need to be charged? In general, you need to charge the Kindle when the battery indicator shows approximately 25 percent power remaining. If the battery gets too low, the Kindle may not be able synchronize and download content through the wireless.

  • Does the Kindle have a built in light? No. E-ink technology is different from an LCD screen, found on computers and smartphones. Because of this, you need an external light source to read the Kindle, just as you would with a traditional book.

  • Will an e-book bought from Amazon be in the archive forever? Theoretically, yes. Amazon has made a commitment to its Kindle customers to maintain their purchases in their online archive for an indefinite period of time. Even so, you'd be wise to back up all your e-books, whether from Amazon or other sources, on your computer.

  • Can a Kindle e-book be lent or borrowed? Yes, if the lending feature is turned on for the e-book. This availability varies by publisher and e-book. If the feature is available, the lending period is two weeks. An e-book can be lent only once. While the e-book is being lent, the lender doesn't have access to it on his or her Kindle or Amazon archive.

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