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After much anticipation, the iPad Pro has been released to consumers. What does this mean for you? If you are in the market for a new iPad or are hoping to delve into the world of iPads for the first time, you need to know about a few differences.

The iPad Pro offers an abundance of new features. [Credit: ©iStock.com/outline205]
Credit: ©iStock.com/outline205
The iPad Pro offers an abundance of new features.

In addition to the larger size of the device, the iPad Pro is also radically different under the hood. The new device offers features and accessories made specifically for Apple’s Pro series iPad.

In order for Apple to warrant the Pro series branding, the technicians, designers, and developers came up with an iPad that will blow your socks off! The new specifications and features are listed as follows:

  • 12.9-inch retina display: With almost 6 million pixels, the iPad Pro has the best resolution of all the iOS devices. The larger screen and density of the pixels allows for a mobile 4K experience that can’t be beat.

  • A9X 64-bit processor: Apple’s third generation A9 processor chip offers a 64-bit desktop architecture that not only doubles the graphic and CPU performance, but also brings iOS into the desktop realm. It offers processing that allows you to smoothly use multiple applications and accessories simultaneously.

  • Apple Pencil: The Apple pencil is like no stylus you have ever used before. Once connected to the iPad Pro, the stylus uses several sensors to determine the force that is being used, as well as the angle of use. This constant tracking with sensors (240 times per second) allows for the type of precision you would get with an actual pen/pencil and paper.

  • Apple Smart Keyboard: The Smart Keyboard was designed specifically so that there is no need of cables, a charge, or even pairing with your device. The keyboard itself has a nylon/metal ribbon integrated into the base so that it wirelessly sends data and power to the keyboard when you magnetically snap it to the iPad Pro. Once connected, a QuickType shortcut bar appears which allows you to use the Smart Keyboard the same way you would the on-screen keyboard.

    The Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil are not included with the purchase of an iPad Pro. They must be purchased separately. Do not purchase the Smart Keyboard or Apple Pencil if you do not own an iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is the only iOS device that supports these two accessories.

  • Built-in Apple SIM: Some iPad Pro models come with Wi-Fi + Cellular LTE which can be connected to different cellular networks with a qualifying data plan. Apple has also included their own network-specific SIM card which offers on-the-go, short-term cellular data specifically for the iPad Pro.

    Data can be expensive. Make sure you have access to Wi-Fi if you plan to use your iPad Pro on the go. If you aren’t careful, a large bill could surprise you.

  • Force Touch: The iPad Pro comes equipped with a Force Touch sensor. This sensor differentiates a touch from a tap. When the device is touched instead of tapped, a different set of options and commands will appear if the app you’re using supports this feature.

  • Four speaker audio: Get ready to rock out! Apple has changed the iPad’s audio output too. The iPad Pro incorporates four high fidelity speakers which are seamlessly integrated into the aluminum unibody design. This new speaker arrangement produces three times the sound output compared to previous iPads.

  • Improved camera sensors: Both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras on the iPad Pro are not much better in resolution than that of its predecessors. What has improved dramatically is the sensor that controls that camera. Now, photos and videos are more realistic, crisp, and clear regardless of the lighting.

  • iOS 9 and desktop-class apps: iOS 9 was designed with the iPad Pro in mind. Some of the new features include Split-App view, improved Siri, and Force Touch. iOS 9 not only has a number of built-in apps that make your experience more productive, but now provides desktop-classified versions of applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, iWork, and much more!

    Keep in mind some of the features associated with iOS 9 can also be found on other devices that have updated to iOS 9. For example, the iPad Air 2 supports Split-App view and the iPhone 6 supports Force Touch. Check with the Apple.com website to see what features your devices support.

  • Touch ID: Apple included the iPhone fingerprint scanner known as Touch ID with the iPad Pro. It allows you to unlock your device, as well as make app and other content purchases with the touch of a finger. Easy and secure!

Do you plan to use all the new features and invest in the iPad Pro accessories such as the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard? If so, the difference in cost may be worth it. On the other hand, if you are just looking for a larger screen and don’t need the desktop experience or device specific accessories, then waiting for a sale or price drop might be the best option for you.

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