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Siri, the chatty personal digital assistant who can remind you whether to take an umbrella or clue you in on how the Giants are faring in the NFL, has found her way to the iPad from her original hangout spot on the iPhone 4S. You can talk to Siri by pressing and holding the Home button and speaking out loud. Siri will talk back.

But sometimes, well — there’s no way to say this kindly — you want to shut Siri up. To do that, just turn the Siri setting from On to Off. If you do disable Siri, be aware that the information she uses to respond to your requests is removed from Apple’s servers.

So if you call Siri back into duty later, it may take a little bit of time for the feature to re-send information. Don’t fret if you don’t remember any of this. Apple reminds you ahead of your silencing Siri.

Other Siri settings to take note of:

  • Default language: You can choose the language in which she will speak to you. The default is U.S. English.

  • Voice gender: Siri is no longer just a she. You can switch from a female to a male voice or vice versa.

  • Voice feedback: You can select whether to always get voice feedback from Siri, as opposed to only when you’re in a “hands-free” situation.

  • Your info: And you can let Siri know who you are by choosing your name (if not already shown) in the My Info section of Siri settings. If for some reason you want to pick another name, you can do so from your list of Contacts.

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