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Notes is a great way to use your iPad to keep track of your busy life. If you need to add some extras for that additional bit of flare, try inserting a photo, video, drawing, or sketch.

Insert a photo or video into a note

Want others to see your great photo or video. That’s easy.
  1. With Notes open, tap to create a new note or tap to edit an existing note.
  2. Tap the center of the note to display the keyboard.


  3. Tap the Picture icon (shaped like a camera) above the keyboard. This will show your options.


  4. Do one of the following:
    • Tap Photo Library to insert a picture you’ve already taken and choose the photo you want to insert.
    • Tap Take Photo or Video, and take a new photo or video on your iPad.
  5. Tap Use. The photo or video you selected in Step 4 is inserted into your note.

Add a drawing or Sketch

You can even add a personal touch to your note with a Drawing or Sketch.
  1. With your Apple Pencil, you can create a drawing to add to your note. With a note open, tap in the note to display the keyboard.
  2. Click the Drawing tool (a squiggle near the right side of the top of the keyboard). The drawing tools appear.
  3. Tap a drawing tool (Pen, Marker, or Pencil).
  4. Tap a color in the color palette that appears.
  5. When you’ve finished drawing, click Done.

Tapping the Ruler tool places a ruler-shaped item onscreen that you can use to help you to draw straight lines.

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