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The iPad touchscreen technology allows you to swipe your finger across the screen or tap an icon to provide input to the device. Just as you may have become used to with your mobile phone, you use the pads of your fingertips (not your fingernails). There are several methods you can use for getting around and getting things done on an iPad using its Multi-Touch screen, including:

  • Tap once. To open an application on the Home screen, choose a field such as a search box, select an item in a list, select a backward arrow to move back one screen, or follow an online link, tap the item once with your finger.

  • Tap twice. Use this method to enlarge or reduce the display of a Web page or zoom in or out in the Maps app.

    You can use a three-finger tap to zoom your screen to be even larger. This is handy if you have vision challenges.

  • Pinch. As an alternative to the tap-twice method, you can pinch your fingers together or move them apart on the screen when you're looking at photos, maps, Web pages, or e-mail messages to quickly reduce or enlarge them.

  • Drag to scroll (also referred to as swiping). When you press your finger to the screen and drag to the right, left, up, or down, you move around the screen.

  • Flick. To scroll more quickly on a page, quickly flick your finger on the screen in the direction you want to move.

  • Tap the Status bar. To move quickly to the top of a list, Web page, or e-mail message, tap the Status bar at the top of the iPad screen.

  • Press and hold. If you're in any application where you can select text, such as Notes or Mail, or if you're on a Web page, pressing and holding near text will select a word and bring up editing tools that allow you to select, cut, or copy text. You can also use this method to reposition the insertion point under the magnifying glass icon that appears.

If you feel like a practice session, try out these actions:

  1. Tap the Safari button to display the Web browser. (You may be asked to enter your Wi-Fi network password to go online.)

  2. Tap a link to move to another page.

  3. Double-tap the page to enlarge it; then double-tap again to reduce its size.

  4. Drag one finger around the page to scroll.

  5. Flick your finger quickly on the page to scroll more quickly.

  6. Press and hold your finger down on text that isn't a link. A magnifying glass icon appears.

    Release your finger and the item is selected, and a Copy tool is displayed.

  7. Press and hold your finger on a link or an image.

    A menu appears with commands that allow you to open the link or picture, open it in a new page, or copy it. The image menu also offers a Save Image command.

  8. Put your fingers slightly apart on the screen, and then pinch your fingers together to reduce the page; with your fingers already pinched together, place them on the screen, and then move them apart to enlarge the page.

  9. Press the Home button to go back to the Home screen.

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